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How Much Does SEO and Web Design Cost?

In short, it depends. Digital Marketing Hub services are designed specifically for small businesses, and we have made our pricing very affordable in comparison with our competitors. Given that all businesses are unique with varying levels of SEO and website requirements, the true cost of SEO and web design is dependent upon multiple factors.

To give you a clearer indication of prices, our Search Engine Optimisation is available from only $350 per month, with our website design starting from just $495 for a fully functional, mobile responsive site with free hosting.

A key function of our services is to get your website seen on the first page of a Google Search by your target audience, with the subsequent intent being to direct your visitors to a Call To Action (phone call, email, purchase). Afterall, relevant site traffic and lead creation is critical to marketing success, irrespective of how long your site has been active.


Pricing Considerations

It’s important to note that if your website is currently listed well below page one of Google Search and your competitors are actively engaged in on-page optimisation, a lot more work and time will be required to move your site onto page one. It’s not merely a matter of adding in some keywords and phrases, as much weight is given to the quality and authoritativeness of the site content and its overall design. If your requirement for a page one listing is time sensitive, it is generally at this stage that we would recommend the inclusion of a Google Ads campaign for a page one result in the short term. Remember, your competitors are most likely doing the same thing!

Another cost consideration is that of monthly monitoring and site updates. It’s all well and good to get your site onto page one of Google, but how do you plan to stay there?

To gain a clear idea of how much our services cost, simply contact us and we’ll discuss exactly what your business requirements are. Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, we’ll send you a proposal based on your current needs.

What Our Clients Have To Say

DMH are awesome! These guys really do know their stuff. They handle the technical side of things that I was not able to understand. They also have full knowledge of what is needed in the digital market place to get a business up and running. Add the drive and enthusiasm that both Hilde and Cam have for project managing it's an 'A' team everyone needs for their business. Finding DMH takes all the stress out of running and compiling your website in todays market place. It's one of the best decisions I made putting my business out there into the digital world.

Andy Clegg

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I had been struggling with trying to get the news out about my Age Amazingly website, and pulling it all together has just been impossible. I met Hilde and Cam, and let me tell you, it sounds dramatic but it's been a life changer for me.
It has all come together, I understand it all and I can now cruise in my area of expertise and leave it to them to really pull all that information together.
I feel like I've had my life saved. Thank you Cam and Hilde.

Nicki Belle
Founder - Age Amazingly

The 'complete package'. Cam and Hilde's technical and practical knowledge and expertise in the 'dark art' of the Digital Marketing 'maze' are a massive asset to draw on for any business / individual that engages them. As a brand new start-up business, in very short order, we have been able to substantially improve our Google ranking through website optimisation, execute a series of successful Facebook and Google advertising campaigns and thanks to their patient coaching, we've been able to learn a good degree of self sufficiency along the way. We now have some long term strategies to execute with the reassurance of Cam & Hilde's watchful eyes over our shoulders - always ready to proactively 'nudge' us in the right direction when we need it. We couldn't recommend the Digital Marketing Hub more highly.

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Pricing FAQ’s

When do I pay for my website or SEO
Search Engine Optimisation

Payments for SEO are charged prior to commencement, then monthly thereafter.

Web Design

Our usual payment requirements are 50% prior to commencement, 30% after the design and and functionality have been agreed upon with the 20% balance being paid prior to website handover. You’ll be invoiced for each amount, with a 7 day payment requirement.

Are there any hidden costs at the end

Definitely no. At Digital Marketing Hub, we’ll send you a comprehensive proposal and mutual agreement so you know exactly what is expected from both parties. As we mention in our mutual agreement, any changes or additional requests once works have commenced will need to be agreed to by everyone. This will usually require a new or amended proposal, or may simply be an extra task charged at our standard hourly rate.

Do you have any low cost options

While our website and SEO pricing is highly competetive, we completely understand that many small and micro businesses will have varying budgets. Therefore, we can build a website or create a search engine optimisation strategy to suit any budget. To ensure you get the best possible start in your business, our sites are designed and built business-ready, including SEO. That’s why we include a contact form, social media linking and FREE hosting, even on our budget options.

A word of caution, be mindful that a low-spec website design or SEO campaign will often require much more work in order to meet your likely goal of generating more traffic and sales conversions through your site. For example, is your site optimised for:

  • SEO specific content to inform Google of site’s intent
  • targeted keywords
  • images and image alt tags
  • speed
  • the demographics of your targeted clients
  • tracking visitor behaviour
  • linking valuable posts with Google My Business and Facebook

At the end of the day, the corners cut today will have to be re-laid tomorrow. Check out our What is SEO blog for more information.

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