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Passion Into A Profitable Business

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused by what to do next?

Discover the EXACT steps you need to take to BUILD and GROW a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS on YOUR TERMS! 

Are you passionate about what you do, but not sure how to GROW your business?

Do you find marketing your business confusing?

Not sure what to do next?

Constantly distracted by the latest and greatest thing?

Want to simplify things so your business isn’t all consuming?

You know you have an amazing product or service, but you’re not attracting as many customers as you thought you would. You feel like your small business marketing isn’t working well at all. You’ve tried some random Facebook ads and posting on social media, but this hasn’t resulted in sales. You get overwhelmed by all the things you SHOULD be doing, jumping from one thing to the next without actually achieving anything. You’ve just started your own small business and have suddenly realised that simply having a website isn’t enough!

I Make it Easy to Know What to do Next and Grow Your Business

Hilde Business Coach

Hi, I’m Hilde

I’m the founder of Digital Marketing Hub Australia and Get Active Online. I’ve been coaching people in small business and fitness since 2008 and I know what it takes to get serious results.

Although, this wasn’t always the case….

I remember when I started my first business. I was so passionate and excited about what I did for a living. Back then it was health and fitness and I just thought I’d put up a website and business would come rolling in. Bahahaha, how wrong was I!

After spending so much time and money ensuring my website was perfect and my programs were amazing, I launched my new business and there wasn’t quite the explosion of enquries I was hoping for ????.

My business did grow, but it was through pure passion and LOTS of hard work as I didn’t have any marketing skills way back then. The first year, I spent more on advertising than I made. Things like Facebook Advertising wasn’t really around and my website developer didn’t know what a blog was and why I wanted one.

As time went on and the internet EXPLODED, I knew if I wanted my business to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE, I had to become great at marketing. Over the past 13 years I’ve spent over $60k on study and coaching to learn everything I possibly could about growing a business and developing my Digital Marketing skills.

My first business, getactiveonline.com grew quite big and reached the point where we were not just online but had a ‘bricks & mortar’ business as well, including everything that goes with that. This is when I REALLY discovered what success is and isn’t!

On the outside, I had a VERY successful business, although for me it wasn’t my idea of success. I was working crazy hours and barely getting any time to spend with my son. This WAS NOT MY IDEA OF SUCCESS! 

This is when I discovered THREE HUGE MISTAKES I had been making. MANY Small Business Owners make those same mistakes.

Mistake #1

The first mistake is that many Small Business Owners end up creating a really busy, underpaid JOB for themselves instead of a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS that gives them the TIME & MONEY to do the things they LOVE.

Mistake #2

The second mistake is not putting enough effort into your MARKETING. Marketing your business should be your NUMBER 1 priority if you want to GROW. I’ve worked with quite a few passionate business owners who’d put so much time, money and effort into creating the perfect website, product, packages etc. However, when it was time to launch, they had NOTHING in place and had completely underestimated what it took to get exposure for their business. Essentially, no-one knew they even existed!

Mistake #3

The final BIG MISTAKE I think nearly ALL SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS make at least some of the time, is the bright shiny object syndrome. This is when you jump from one task to the next with no plan or structure in place.  You end up wasting so much time and money without making any real progress.

My passion is to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS and avoid all those business-breaking hurdles along the way.

I will help you to know EXACTLY what to do next in your business. You’ll be taught the key marketing skills you’ll need to ensure you always have a consistent flow of customers and be kept on track with our laser-focused weekly calls.

I am living proof that you can turn your passion into profit. My wonderful businesses not only allow me to follow my passion, but to do it on MY TERMS!

Whether you are just starting out, or you’ve worked your butt off an have an amazing business that’s become all consuming, I can help you create a business that is profitable and allows you the time to also do the things you love .

Imagine How Amazing It Will Feel To Have a Successful Business That Gives YOu The Time AND Money To Do The Things You Love!

Imagine…Your very own Small Business Coach to help you whenver you need it.

Absolute clarity on your next steps! Not more wasting time trying to figure it out on your own.

Start loving your business and enjoy every day, knowing you can easily attract customers. You’ll have systems in place to keep things running smoothly…without you!

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I have loved working with Hilde. She is kind, compassionate, professional, ever so punctual and efficient in her work. Having someone who has the skills I don’t has taken all the guesswork out and helped me launch forward in leaps and bounds. I would never have created all I have this without her guidance and direction. In just 6 month I have achieved a lot! I have built my own website, launched an online workshop on health and wellbeing and created my own 6 week online program. It has been an amazing learning curve into the world of technology. I was happy to do the work, I just didn’t know exactly where to start or how, especially when you launch into marketing and the world wide web. Thank you Hilde for all your guidance and support. I enjoy our weekly meeting, the tasks and direction you give me, the feedback and advice plus all I am learning from you along the way. So much gratitude. “

Bec Kurtz

Founder, Bec Kurtz - Inspiring Health and Fitness


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Small Business Coaching

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • How to make serious income doing what you love without being a slave to your business.
  • Money making systems and tools to streamline your small business.
  • The exact steps to consistently attract new leads and easily convert them to raving clients.
  • I will personally coach you every step of the way to keep you on track to nail your goals.

This Intensive Small Business Coaching Program is Ideal For:

  • Small Business owners feeling stuck in their business and want to increase sales without being a slave to their business.
  • Those ready to take the plunge from working in a ‘job’ to having their own successful business. Turn your PASSION into a PROFITABLE business.
  • Small Businesses who want to transition to an online store, but don’t know where to start.

I’ll be teaching you everything you need to make your business profitable and manageable. Whether you’re just starting out, have been in business for a few years or want to expand online, you’ll be given loads of support, direction and one-on-one coaching tailored to your business needs. 

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1 – Small Business Diagnostic 

Let’s take a look at where your business is at. What do you currently have in place? Where do you want to be? We want to know your vision, and help you set some clear goals and objectives so we can help you achieve them.

STEP 2 – Your Small Business Roadmap 

Let’s create a plan of attack for your business. We take all the information from your business audit and create a Roadmap for success. This gives you a CLEAR ACTION plan for your business.

STEP 3 – Small Business Coaching 

Using your personalised roadmap, our weekly small business coaching sessions are designed to help you implement your action plan. You’ll also get weekly 30-60 minute coaching calls, follow ups on weekly action plans and ongoing email support.


I’ve Got You Covered

Business Basics

Ensuring you have a great business model in place from the beginning. Do you have ways to create re-occuring revenue. Do you know your numbers? Tips and Tools to make your life easier. 

Making Your Marketing Count

Marketing to all phases of the Customer Journey. Know which marketing is going to be the most effective for your business so you stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work! 

Let's Get Technical

Knowing what website platform is right for your business. How to set up Facebook Business Manger, Google Analytics, Google My Business  and make sure it’s all linked up! 1-on-1 support to make it easy for you. 

SEO Essentials

Get your business is seen at the top of Google Search, make it easy for your ideal customers to find you. Discover your Keywords, learn how to implent your own SEO and track what’s working.

Creating Content That Converts

You can have the best looking website but if your content isn’t getting across the right message you won’t convert customers. Learn how to create compelling copy that converts. 

Social Media For Your Business

Know what Social Media Platforms your business should be, how often to post and what type of content to produce. Start creating content that engages and stop wasting time trying to be everywhere!

Email Marketing

Learn what type of Email Marketing is right for your business. Get help setting up an email funnel and opt ins. Create a system that takes leads and turns them into customers while you sleep! 

Understanding Data

Know what’s working and what’s not.  Using metrics from your Google Analtyics, Email Marketing, Facebook and Google Ads to ensure all aspects of your marketing are working as well as they should.

Facebook Ads

Does Facebook Business Suite, Business Manager and Ads Manager leave you pulling your hair out. Let me help you understand it all, create custome audiences and ad copy that converts.


Where to we start? Does your business need to be using Google Ads, Analtyics and Google My Business. Let’s work out what is right for your business and understanding how it all works. 

Lead Magets

What’s a lead maget?  This is something we create that attracts new leads to your business easily. It might be a quiz, seminar, workship, mini course. Let’s discover what is right fo your business. 

Time Saving Systems

We all want more time! The good news is there are lots of systems out there to make your life easier. Start automating your business and stop being a slave to it. Messenger Bot, Calendars and more..

The HUB Membership Portal

Plus Full Access To THE HUB Membership Area:

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I’ll Show You How It’s Done

Weekly Coaching and Training so you understand all the aspects of growing and marketing your business.  Finally, a chance to have a clear step-by-step action plan for your small business while getting laser-focused support to achieve your goals.

Passion & Profit Logo

Here’s a recap of everything you’ll get…

Small Business Diagnostic 

Let’s take a look at where your business is at. What do you currently have in place? Where do you want to be? We want to know your vision, and help you set some clear goals and objectives so we can help you achieve them.

Your Small Business Roadmap 

Let’s create a plan of attack for your business. We take all the information from your business audit and create a Roadmap for success. This gives you a CLEAR ACTION plan for your business.

Small Business Coaching

Using your personalised roadmap, our weekly small business coaching sessions are designed to help you implement your action plan. You’ll also get weekly 30-60 minute coaching calls, follow ups on weekly action plans and ongoing email support.

Access to the HUB Membership Area and personalised coaching in:

Business Basics – sWhat your vision/goals. Let’s make sure you have your business model, finances in check! Planning your Marketing for each phase of the Customer Journey.

Let’s Get Technical – 1-on-1 support to set-up your systems and link it all together.

SEO – Ensure your business is seen for exactly what your customers are looking for. Lean how to know what keywords to target and how to optimise your website.

Creating copy that converts. Whether it be for your website, emails or Facebook Ads, you want copy that easily converts your customers.

Social Media – Know what platforms to be on when and how much to post and what type of content. Don’t waste your time being everywhere, let’s work out wher you NEED to be.

Email Marketing – Do you need it, if so we’ll teach you what systems to use and the best practices for your business.

Understanding Data – You need to know if this is all working. Know what metrics you need to track to know what needs work and what’s working well.

Facebook Ads – This is a world in itself. Let me help you understand it all. Work out what’s best for your business, how to set up Custom Audiences, Create Ad Copy and clearly target your customer.

Google…Mmmm where do I start. First up let’s work out what YOUR business needs. Should you set up Google My Business, Google Ads and have Google Analytics. I’ll take the confussion out of it and we will set up what your business needs.

Lead Magnets – Do you want a way of easily attracting new leads. Let’s discover the best lead attracting system for your business.

Time Saving Systems – Let’s make life easier. Once you know what works for your business. Let’s streamline it, create systems to save you time and money.

This is a PERSONALISED coaching program. It’s all about implementing marketing and systems that are right for your business. This isn’t an automated course but personalised coaching and training so you can create a profitable business that also gives you the time to do the things you love.


What's different about your Passion & Profit Business Coaching Program?

My small business coaching program is TAILORED to exactly where you’re at! You don’t simply work your way through a membership area. After discovering all I need to know about where you’re at and what you want to achieve, I’ll put together a ROADMAP of the exact action that you need to take to achieve your goals. We will then work through implementing all the actions required. Your weekly coaching calls are 1-on-1 calls directly with me and we work on exactly WHAT YOU need to achieve that week to ensure you move forward.  

How is the small business coaching delivered?

First step is to book a FREE Discovery Call. Once you’ve committed to coaching, you’ll need to fill in a detailed questionnaire about your business and goals. I then book in a 90 minute Strategy Call with you to help me discover all I need to do to put together your PERSONALISED BUSINESS ROADMAP.  Once I’ve developed your plan of attack, we will book in a regular call or zoom chat each week. After each call, you will be sent a follow up email with your actions for the week. Throughout your coaching, you will have access to THE HUB private membership area. This is our resource centre full of different programs/courses, I’ll direct you to the relevant sections as you’re working through some of your tasks. 

How much does it cost?

There are a few different options depending on where you are at and what you can afford. I’ve tried to cater for most people so I have options starting from as little as $169 per month.

Is there a long term contract?

I have options starting from 3 monthS through to 6 month programs. I do also offer 2 hour and 1 month starter coaching options but for the full Passion & Profit program it is either 3 or 6 months.

Do I have to be at a certain stage of business to do this program?

No, the exciting part about my coaching is that it is PERSONALISED to the stage of business you are at. I’ve worked with people who simply had a vision and we went through the process of getting their first online business up and running. I’ve had tradies who wanted to go it alone and needed help getting an online presence. I’ve had ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses who have been running for years and wanted to create an online store as well.

The best thing to do is book in for a chat and we can see if we’re a good fit (you have to want to work with me too!).

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!