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User friendly, responsive wordpress websites for optimal conversions.

Want an Affordable, Fast and Responsive Website For Your Small Business?

Appealing new Cairns Web Design based on your specific business needs using the popular and flexible WordPress and Shopify platforms. Fully optimised to drive client conversions and increase profits. Plus full training at handover so you can modify your own site whenever you need to.

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Increase Web Traffic

We’ll design a highly effective, appealing website specific to your business goals. We’ll also implement SEO to keep your visitors engaged.

More Leads and Conversions

Our powerful combination of your website’s design and search engine optimisation will let your visitors know exactly what you want them to do next.

Increase Profits

It’s why we’re all in business, right? At the end of the day, if you’re a commercial entity, the very end result is to earn an income… and more.

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From appealing website creation and hosting to fully customised search engine optimisation strategies, Digital Marketing Hub is your web design and SEO specialist.

Our team of dedicated web design and SEO specialists will ensure your website is built to drive more traffic, increase your leads and improve sales.

Your Cairns web design will be optimised for improved search engine rankings.

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Get a Cairns web design that looks great and ranks well on Google

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Cairns Web Design Price Guide

* Monthly payment plans available. Please contact us for a tailored quotation

* eCommerce Category and Product conditions apply

* eCommerce Category and Product conditions apply

Pro Tip – When comparing which website designer to use for a new or updated site, ALWAYS ask what SEO is included in their pricing. ALWAYS! I can’t specify that enough. Most will only give you the absolute minimum and you still won’t rank on Google.

I see it all the time, please don’t waste your money. Once you know what’s included, CALL ME, I’ll let you know if it matches your business requirements.

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Building A Website Can Be Tough. With A Cairns Web Design, We’ve Got You Covered.


STEP 1 - Discovery Session

Let’s chat about your web design. We’ll discuss your goals, budget and ideal inclusions.

Common Questions

Do we need to have a meeting prior to quoting on my site? No, however we will need to have some form of introduction, either face to face, phone, video call or email. Both parties will want to know if they’re a suitable match to work together.

How do I give you the information for the Website Design Brief? Simply contact us and we’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire. Just fill in as much information as you can to get started. Once we have this we can quote on your design project.

Our Business isn’t based in Cairns, can you still quote on our web design? Of course, we have clients Australia wide, everything we need can be done by phone/email/video call.


STEP 2 - Web Design

The fun begins! We’ll build your website based on the information from Step 1.

Common Questions

What if I have no idea what web design/template will be best for my business? We can provide suggestions based on your industry and goals.

Why do you use templates? Our goal is to provide affordable and fast websites for Small Businesses, so we have chosen a range of web templates that we know provide both excellent visual appeal, load quickly and are optimised for SEO. Using templates allows us to build and optimise your website in a shorter timeframe. It also allows us to keep the overall costs down.

What if I don’t like the website templates? Don’t worry, you will have a LARGE range to choose from which can be modified to match your branding and website requirements.

Will my website content be responsive on mobile devices? Yes, all our website designs are mobile responsive. We use the hugely popular WordPress platform with a range of well-optioned page builder software.

Can you write content for my website? Absolutely! Most website builds and re-builds require at least some content writing from our end. In order to improve your website’s SEO ranking via the use of keywords and phrases, we’ll generally add quite a bit of extra content.

Do you outsource your website design? No, we do all design work in-house.

STEP 3 - Website Review

Let us know what you think. We’ll make any changes if needed.

Common Questions

Do you only build WordPress websites? Yes, with over 40% of the web using WordPress, it’s a hugely popular and user friendly system. We also choose to design with WordPress because, after some basic training, it’s easy for our clients to maintain.

Do I have any design input during the build phase? You sure do. We’ll keep you updated along the way and you can call us anytime to discuss new design ideas and requests.


FINAL STEP - Website Handover

We’ll hand over the keys to your site and run you through everything you’ll need to maintain it.

Common Questions

Can you maintain my website for me? We sure can. We can discuss that at any stage of the development journey.

Where should I host my website? Web hosting is really important. There are quite a few website hosts out there with great customer support processes, however there are just as many not-so-helpful operators. Make sure you do your homework and go with a host provider that has no hidden costs. We offer turn-key web hosting solutions with our website Care Plans, or we can simply recommend a local host of you prefer.

Can you help me with my website further down the track? Of course we can, just give us a call or send us an email, even if you’re not a part of our online website Care Plan.

Web Design Cairns FAQs

SEO Basics vs SEO Advanced

Not all Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the same.

Generally speaking, most Cairns SEO agencies will provide the following Basic SEO inclusions:

  • SEO plugin such as Yoast
  • Page title – what you see in you browser tab
  • Page layout – headings (h1,h2 etc) and paragraphs
  • Meta Title and Meta Description – what you see on a Google search engine results page (SERP)
  • Page speed reporting

On Page SEO goes further than what is generally provided. Ask your local SEO agency in Cairns to include the below optimisations, it’ll be well worth the extra cost and effort:

  • All of the Basic SEO inclusions
  • Content keyword optimisation
  • Heading keyword optimsation
  • Image alt text optimisation
  • Image size optimisation
  • Google Indexing
Do I have to live in Cairns to work with you

No, although we have bases in Cairns and Adelaide, we provide website design, development and hosting for clients Australia wide.

How long does it take to design and build a website

It depends upon the size and complexity of your website. We like to provide our clients with a fast turnaround and aim to complete our basic sites within 4 weeks. Having said that, larger and more complex Cairns web design and builds will generally take more time.

How long will my web site take to rank on Page 1 of Google

We get this question a lot at Digital Marketing Hub. When it comes to web design and ranking high on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP), there honestly is no simple, one size fits all answer.

If you’ve had a budget website built somewhere else with minimal SEO input, it’s quite likely your site will never see the light of day. Having said that, if your website has been adequately designed and optimised for SEO, you may see some positive results within a few months.

It’s not all about kewords and the ‘red light, green light’ of SEO software plugins in terms of how quickly you will rank well on Google, it’s much deeper than that.

Your page content is absolutely critical, as poorly written content stuffed with keywords and phrases may result in your site being  penalised and displayed lower on Google Search Engine results.

Remember, it’s almost certain that your competition have an SEO strategy in place, so chances are your keyword SERPs may take a while to gain traction.

The reality is that an effective SEO strategy is something that must be done ASAP. In my blog Why SEO is Crucial for Small Businesses, I wrote that;

Search Engine Optimisation is an INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE

It’s worth a read, I’m confident it will shine a brighter light on the relationship between a good Cairns web design and an effective SEO strategy.

Can I update my website at any time

Yes, having a WordPress website means you can easily update your website whenever you choose. Once your site has been designed, built and handed over to you after final payment, the website is entirely yours to own.

Will I receive training in how to manage my own website

Absolutely. At Digital Marketing Hub we believe that you should be able to manage your own website. That’s one of the reasons we’ll design build your site with WordPress and a choice of amazing web page builders, it makes it much easier for you to manage any changes down the track. We won’t overcomplicate your site with code that only the author can manage, that’s bad business etiquette and only makes keeping your website fresh and current harder. We include Website Training in all of our packages. As a small business, it often makes smarter business sense to make the smaller changes without the added cost of a web developer.

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