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With Digital Marketing Hub in Adelaide, we’ll get you there.  Our highly effective and affordable  SEO strategies will ensure your business is ranked on page 1 of Google. All of our Search Engine Optimisation campaigns are tailored specifically to your unique small business. Contact us for a FREE Strategy Session today.

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We’re a small team of passionate and dedicated SEO and web design specialists who believe that an effective search engine optimisation strategy goes hand in hand with great web design.

That’s why we’ll look at your own unique small business with a view to not only get you onto page one of Google, but to generate more organic traffic, increase your leads and improve sales.

After all, getting visitors to your website is just the first step. Meet the team who’ll take you all the way.

Increase Traffic

Your custom designed SEO Adelaide strategy will be specific to your business needs. A high Google ranking (SERP) means more people visiting your site.

Improve Conversions

With more website visitors, they’ll need to know exaclty what you need them to do. A good Call To Action (CTA) leads to increased conversions.

Financial Growth

We’re guessing that’s why you’re in business, right? To create a lifestyle, and not just an income. Great SEO will result in improved organic traffic, conversions and sales. 

What Our Clients Have To Say

DMH are awesome! These guys really do know their stuff. They handle the technical side of things that I was not able to understand. They also have full knowledge of what is needed in the digital market place to get a business up and running. Add the drive and enthusiasm that both Hilde and Cam have for project managing it's an 'A' team everyone needs for their business. Finding DMH takes all the stress out of running and compiling your website in todays market place. It's one of the best decisions I made putting my business out there into the digital world.

Andy Clegg

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I had been struggling with trying to get the news out about my Age Amazingly website, and pulling it all together has just been impossible. I met Hilde and Cam, and let me tell you, it sounds dramatic but it's been a life changer for me.
It has all come together, I understand it all and I can now cruise in my area of expertise and leave it to them to really pull all that information together.
I feel like I've had my life saved. Thank you Cam and Hilde.

Nicki Belle
Founder - Age Amazingly

The 'complete package'. Cam and Hilde's technical and practical knowledge and expertise in the 'dark art' of the Digital Marketing 'maze' are a massive asset to draw on for any business / individual that engages them. As a brand new start-up business, in very short order, we have been able to substantially improve our Google ranking through website optimisation, execute a series of successful Facebook and Google advertising campaigns and thanks to their patient coaching, we've been able to learn a good degree of self sufficiency along the way. We now have some long term strategies to execute with the reassurance of Cam & Hilde's watchful eyes over our shoulders - always ready to proactively 'nudge' us in the right direction when we need it. We couldn't recommend the Digital Marketing Hub more highly.

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Here’s How SEO Adelaide Will Help Your Business Grow.

Indepth Competitor SEO Analysis

We’ll research your competitor’s content, keywords, backlinks and more to provide us with a powerfull SEO strategy

On-Page Optimisation

SEO activities undertaken within the website to improve its Google search ranking position

Analytics Reporting

To improve organic traffic to your website, we’ll critically analyse your SEO data and monitor its progression

SEO Coaching

Intensive 1-on-1 Business Coaching in all aspects of digital marketing for small businesses. Visit our Small Business Coaching Page for more info

Detailed Keyword Research

A deep dive into your customers’ Google search habits will help us fine tune your SEO Adelaide campaign

Off-Page Optimisation

SEO activities undertaken offsite to improve Google Search Engine Results Pages, such as backlinks

Website Optimisation for SEO

Improving the contextual design of websites will create a clear flow of data for search engine crawlers

Access to The Hub

The HUB – Digital Marketing resources for small businesses PLUS access to our short courses. Visit THE HUB and start learning

SEO Adelaide Step By Step Process


STEP 1 - Client Conversation

We’ll meet with you, either in person or via telephone to discuss your goals, timeframe, budget, critical and technical requirements, and who your main competitors are.

Common Questions

Do we need to have a meeting prior to quoting on my site?

No, however we will need to have some form of introduction, either face to face, phone, video call or email. Both parties will want to know if they’re a suitable match to work together.

How do I give you the information for the SEO Campaign Brief?

After an initial conversation or email, we’ll email you the form. Just fill in as much information as you can to get started. Once we have this we can quote on your SEO project.

Our Business isn’t based in Adelaide, can you still quote on our website?

Of course, we have clients Australia wide, everything we need can be done by phone/email/video call.


STEP 2 - Analysis and Proposal

We’ll review all the information from our meeting and conduct an indepth analysis of your needs. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Adelaide proposal, including our pricing and a breakdown of all tasks.

Common Questions

What SEO analysis do you do? We’ll look for relevant keywords based on your competitor’s key pages and run premium SEO software to analyse the content on your competitors’ sites. We’ll also check what systems you currently have in place such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google My Business. From there, we’ll run a site speed check on the current load speed of your website.

What if I want to change the SEO Proposal? It’s common to make a few changes to an initial proposal. We’ll make the required changes and resubmit your SEO Adelaide proposal for approval.


STEP 3 - Let The Fun Begin

We’ll map out your keywords and dig deep to find where and why your competitors are ranking high. We’ll also provide you with our keyword research and proposed SEO Adelaide strategy to ensure your expectations are being met. In fact, we’ll keep you up to date every step of the way.

Our next function will be to analyse the technical components of your site and map out our own schedule of works. Basically, we’ll be looking at on-page (the stuff you see on your site) and off-page (behind the scenes techie stuff) SEO modifications required for your site.

Common Questions

What is keyword research? Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimisation helps to determine which words or phrases should be used to optimise a website to improve their organic Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Here’s some more great information about the importance of keywords and key phrases for SEO.


STEP 4 - Let's Optimise Your Website

We’ll begin optimising your Adelaide website design for required areas such as content creation and flow, meta data optimisation, image sizing and alt text, site speed testing and link checking.

We’ll also inspect/or implement Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Facebook Pixel

Common Questions

How important are SEO Meta Tags? Meta Tags such as Title Tags and Meta Description Attributes are very important to your website SEO.

  • Title Tag –  This is basically the title of your page that will show up on a Google Search.
  • Meta Desctiption Attribute – This is the content that is found under the Title Tag on a Google Search.

Both the Title and the Description should be optimised with relevant keywords or phrases to improve the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Read our blog on ways to increase your SERP Ranking.

Why is site speed important for SEO? The speed at which your page loads is an important ranking factor with Google. Your potential customers will quickly tire from slow loading pages. A page load speed of more than 3 seconds may result in your viewers leaving your site in favour of faster loading competitors. People want results and they want them now, why would they wait if the average page load time is 1 second? Crazy I know, but you really do want a site that’s competetive in speed if you want to attract new customers. You’ll find loads more information in our Beginners Tips for Site Speed blog.


FINAL STEP - Backlinks, Blogs and Directories

Quality backlinks are an important part of any good SEO Adelaide campaign. We implement quality backlinks from high value sites manually, we don’t outsource our work or use dodgy automated processes.

If ongoing support is part of your plan, we’ll continue to provide you with optimised blogs on your site, Facebook and Google My Business platforms. Once again, we don’t outsource our posts or use automated software to ensure your blog posts are tailored to your business.

We’ll also get you listed on local Adelaide directories via manual submissions.

Common Questions

What are Backlinks in SEO? Backlinks, also known as external links or inbound links, are links that point from a page on one site to a page on another site. They are, essentially, third party links and if they have a high domain authority and are relevant, will add trust to your site.

Why should I use local listings to improve my SEO in Adelaide? Local listings are actually quite good for improving your local search results. Firstly, a link with a local Adelaide directory adds a backlink to your site. Secondly, as an additional local services search platform, it can help customers reach you who may not have located you through your own site.



What is SEO

Wikipedia defines Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic, known as “natural” or “organic” results rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

Essentially, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps to get your business SEEN at the top of a Google Search. The Digital Marketing Hub in Adelaide can help your business improve its Google Ranking using our following SEO Adelaide Strategies:

  • Identifying your Keywords
  • Optimising your website content 
  • Improving your website page load time
  • Ensuring your Adelaide website design is optimised for mobile
  • Implementing SSL Certificate to improve credibility 
  • Implement a link building strategy
  • Set up Google My Business, Google Reviews, Google Maps

Want more detailed information on SEO in Adelaide? Check out our blog – What is SEO

Do I really need SEO for my Small Business

The short answer is yes, your business certainly does need SEO in order to remain competitive. Don’t get too caught up in the nitty-gritty of the various components of SEO, you’ll go mad with all the different terminologies. Instead of baffling you with BS, just think of SEO as a MASSIVE part of your marketing pie.

It’s so much easier for small business owners to think about advertising on social platforms and in print media. And it’s way easier to monitor, too. With paid advertising, you can run Google Analytics and Google Ads and monitor how your customers engage with your ad, giving you some great stats on how your advertising dollars are performing. It’s not that simple with SEO. It takes time to develop the expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness required by Google in order to improve your page rankings.

So many business owners push SEO aside in favour of Social Media Advertising because they can see the results instantly. SEO, in the short term, is invisible. You don’t see it until those page rankings begin to creep up. When you make it to the top 3 on page 1, you’ll really, really, really appreciate the effort that goes into SEO Adelaide.

Why choose DMH for my Adelaide SEO
  • Affordable SEO
  • Based in Adelaide and Cairns (best of both worlds!)
  • Local SEO Adelaide experts
  • No lock-in contracts
Why isn't my website ranking on Google

The most common reason that your website isn’t ranking on Google is because your site isn’t optimised for the search intent of your audience. You may be optimised for weak keywords or keyphrases that no-one is really looking for. Alternatively, you may be optimised for very high value keywords and your site is just way too far down on the Google Search results to trigger any engagement.

Is your site new? Have you submitted your site to Google for indexing? Don’t panic, although there are numerous reasons why your website would not be ranking, or is poorly ranked, a good SEO expert would be able to guide you through some basic troubleshooting or fix it for you.

Can I do SEO myself

You sure can! There’s just a lot to know to get yourself ranking on page 1 for your chosen keywords. It’s not as easy as just mentioning your keywords a couple of times. We do offer a variety of information through our Resource and Training HUB that can help you, we also offer 1-on-1 Coaching.  We can also help with some basic elements of SEO. For example, we might do a website audit and your keyword research for you and give you recommendations on how to implement it in your site.

Before you tackle this daunting task on your own, have a look at this article by Google Search Central about whether or not you need an SEO Adelaide expert.

Furthermore, Google like to update their search algorithms from time to time. Each update to an algorithm can have significant impacts on your site and how it displays with Google Search Engine. If you are keen to do your own SEO, get well informed, well skilled and stay on top of any changes to the SEO environment.

You might question why do SEO. Well, the great news is that when you do rank for keywords, you will be seen as an authority in your field, get more website traffic and won’t have to spend as money much on advertising. Yay! If you want traffic FAST, then get your SEO implemented and start with some Google Ads and possibly Facebook Ads, as this is a fast way to ensure you are getting traffic while your SEO comes into effect.

How long does SEO take to rank on Google

Mmmm… this isn’t a simple answer and I know you want us to say that you will rank straight away but the reality is that SEO might take a few months to really notice a difference, and for some really competitive terms it may be longer. It’s not just about your chosen kewords and competition in terms of how quickly you will rank for your keyword, it’s much deeper than that.

The content of your page is paramount to how much traffic will flow through. If your content is poorly written and stuffed with keywords and keyphrases, your page may be penalised and displayed lower on Google Search Engine results.

One huge point to remember, it’s highly likely that your competitors also have a digital marketing strategy in place. If it’s an aggressive  strategy encompassing a broad digital campaign, chances are your rankings may take a while longer to improve.

The reality is that an effective Adelaide SEO strategy is something that must be done ASAP, so you can consistently monitor and work at improving your Google rankings.

Will social media increase my website ranking

I’ve heard this question a lot, and the short answer is no, social media activity does not directly improve a website’s search engine ranking. Social media is great for building brand awareness and can be an effective sales tool if used correctly.

Remember, it’s not all about the clicks.

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