How to set up your Business Facebook Page

How to set up your Facebook business page

5 Steps to set up your Business Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page doesn’t have to be hard! Follow these simple steps to get your Facebook page set up.

  1. Log in to your personal Facebook account. Click Create, Page.

    Don’t worry no one will have to see your personal information on your business page.

  2. Choose whether you want to create a Business or Brand – Community or Public Figure page. Create Page

    Here you will need to fill out Page name & Category. Your category will help visitors find your page. Here is some more info on page categories. Continue on and add a profile and cover picture.

    TIP – Canva is fantastic for creating Facebook Cover images.

  3. Edit your Page info

    It’s really important to fill in as much information as possible! How to set up your Business Facebook Page

  4. Go through your settings and ensure every aspect is set up how you want it.

  5. Record your page information and set up page roles.

    Record your page username (handle). Ensure everyone who needs access has it.

That’s it! You’re page is set up.

Now the work begins! Make sure you have a Social Media Strategy in place. Be clear on what type of content you are going to post, how often and be clear on your goals/objective for your Facebook Page.

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