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Are you looking for a Google Ads Agency that doesn’t charge a fortune? You’re in the right place.

Do you need to get your business seen FAST?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising product that is a great way to get your business to the top of Google quickly.

Google Ads allows you to get in front of your customers when they are searching on Google. The great benefit is that you control the budget and you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad.

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More Traffic

Increase Leads and Conversions

Pay Per Click

Do you need a Google Ads Agency?

You might be wondering if you can set up a Google Ads campaign yourself. Of course you can, however the bulk of our Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising requests come from businesses that have tried and failed in implementing a successful campaign.

Most have simply set up a Google Smart Campaign, essentially leaving all keyword selection up to Google. The search terms are ‘broad match’ and generally return a poor traffic result.

Unbeknownst to so many businesses, there’s a LOT of work that goes into ensuring your paid advertising is competitive. Remember, you’re all fighting for that Golden Prize, the top position on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

If you’d like to learn how to create your very own campaign, check out our coaching options where we’ll walk you through setting up your first advertising campaign. Alternatively, give us a call and we can chat about other options for your business.

Why Choose Us


We’re a small team of intensely passionate and dedicated Digital Marketing Specialists. We are also small business owners and know you can’t afford to waste money on a digital advertising campaign that doesn’t work. 

No Lock-In Contracts

Flexible options including diy after initial set up OR monthly coaching and monitoring options

Set Fee

Some Google Ads Agencies charge more per the number of ads clicked. We have two simple payment options. Set-up fee and ongoing monitoring fee

Your Own Account

We run your Google Ads through your account. This means you can see exactly what is going on and take back control whenever you choose

Google Advertising FAQs

What are Google Ads

Google Ads allow you to show ads on Google and compete for the top spot.

Google Ads allows you to display information on your service and product and provide links back to your services.

There is a variety of different types of ad campaigns you can run with Google Ads:

  • Search (text ads on Google Search results)
  • Display (image ads on websites)
  • Video (video ads on YouTube)
  • Shopping (product listings on Google)
  • App (your app promtion on many channels)
  • Local (brings people to your physical shops and venues)

It’s important you’re clear about your objective when choosing your campaign type so you  get the right result for your business.

What does a Google Ads Agency do

A Google Ads agency takes the guess work out of setting up a Google Advertising campaign. Google Ads are a competitive process on Google and to ensure your ads are even displayed you need to make sure you:

  • Choose the right campaign
  • Choose the right keywords
  • Choose the right keyword match type
  • Ensure your headings and descriptions are competetive (Google gives you a score )😲
  • And most imporantly know how to monitor your campaign, when to tweak, change or stop!

Big Tip – Don’t set up a Smart Campaign and think that’s going to work magic. It’s a great way to spend a lot of money showing up for irrelevant keywords and broad phrases but not the best way to set up a Google Ad Campaign.

Why would my business need Google Ads

If you’re new to business or you have a website that doesn’t rank on page 1 for your chosen keywords (search terms), then your business will benefit from Google Ads.

Google Ads can be a fast way of creating leads when you don’t have an organic ranking through SEO.

Google Ads can be an INSTANT way of generating traffic or fighting for that top spot on Google.

How much do I need to spend on Google Ads

The great part about Google Ads is you get to set your budget, you can even set a limit on what you want to pay per click. You have total control.

In terms of budget it really comes down to two things:

  1. How much you have in your marketing budget
  2. How competitive your chosen keywords are


You can get an idea of the cost of getting a click on the Google Keyword Planner.

Generally, I would recommend at least $10 a day as a starting point.

How much is it to have a Google Ads Agency set up my campaign

The initial set-up of a Google Ads campaign will cost $595+gst. This includes your keyword research, campaign set-up and your first month of monitoring.

Ongoing monitoring is $295+gst per month.

Can I run Google Ads myself

You sure can! Just do a bit of research first as many people start with a Smart Campaign and end up struggling to get their campaign showing for their keywords.

We suggest getting help with your first campaign and if you want to take control later, get some coaching so you know how to monitor your campaigns. 


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