Why SEO is Crucial for Small Businesses

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Understanding What Good SEO Is

Before we can understand WHY SEO is so important for small businesses, we first need to know WHAT SEO actually is.

Imagine buying a bricks and mortar store. It’s stunning, warmly welcoming and chock full of your amazing products that are sure to be walking out that door…. fast. Which is great news because you really need to make those sales to meet your financial requirements. After all, you gotta feed your family. And even better, you purchased that store for a bargain! Things are looking good, right?

Only problem is….. it’s located in the middle of, well, nowhere!

Bad SEO is just like owning a shop in the desert.

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Bad SEO is Like Owning a Shop in the Desert

Here’s a question… Do you think your store will be successful? Even if you gave it, say, 6 months or so, will it be your financial bonanza?

Now I want you to imagine a brand-spanking-new website you’ve just had built (or built yourself). As with your imaginary bricks and mortar business, it looks great, it’s chock full of your amazing products or services and is loaded with all the fancy bells and whistles afforded to a stunning web design. Rub your hands together gleefully… because you’re going to make a motza!

How exciting, you or your website host has just made your site live. Now you’re open for business. Now what? Absolutely nothing! If you’re lucky, your website may show up on, oh let’s say page 7 of a Google search. And that’s if you have some relevant content in there to help Google’s Crawlers understand the intent of your website.

And here’s some more bad news… if you’re not on page 1 of a Google search result, you pretty much don’t exist. Think about it, how often do you search beyond page 1? Essentially, the lion’s share of Google clicks goes to the first 3 or so organic listings.
If you’ve launched a new website, this low ranking is to be expected. I mean, everyone at the top of Google is competing for that lucrative first page.

So how did they get there? The bigger question is… how do YOU get there? While the answer is simple, the effort behind it is not.

The Answer is SEO

But you already knew that didn’t you? Without your site being edited for Search Engine Optimisation, how will Google, or Bing, or whatever know what message you are trying to convey? How will you be placed above your competitors if search engines don’t think that you are relevant enough?

Sure, you can pay for some Google Ads in the short term (I recommend this for new sites) or even pay for Facebook Advertising, however paid advertising (PPC) is a different ball game to organic SEO which is FREE advertising.

Make no mistake, SEO can take quite a while to reap its benefits. Therefore, I highly encourage you to think of Search Engine Optimisation as an INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE.

Invest In Your Future with SEO

Think about my last statement for a moment.

Search Engine Optimisation is an INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE

Now let’s do some sums on that statement. Let’s say you’re on a $700 per month SEO Plan designed to optimise your site and build it out further with backlinking, blog posting and constant technical monitoring and editing (While we’re on this topic, head on over to our SEO Price Guide for a clearer understanding of our Cairns SEO Services).

Now let’s say that you’re currently ranked number 65 for a keyword with a monthly search volume of 400 clicks. That puts you somewhere in the middle of page 6 of a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP), essentially meaning you simply don’t exist in the eyes of your potential clients.

Say your average sale price is $200. In 6 months’ time, and with some hard work from your SEO team, you’re now ranked number 2 on Google’s SERP. Yay… congrats! You’re most likely getting around 80 visits as a result of your current rank, that’s 80 potential clients visiting your store that you didn’t have before. If, and I really mean IF, your site is well designed to convert your new website visitors into raving fans, and based on recent 2021 E-commerce conversion rates, you’ll make 3 sales ($600) from that one keyword.

In reality, you’ll have more than one keyword throughout your site, depending upon what your products or services are. If you have 4 key products or services and have a number 2 rank for each of those keywords with a similar search intent, you’ll be earning $2400 each month from your $700 monthly investment.

At this point, you’ll want to consider either continuing with your SEO strategy or modifying/reducing it to more of a caretaker capacity. Once you have that powerful SEO momentum, you’ll really want to hang on to your current SERP position.

Remember, your competitors are looking at your website to find ways to outrank you. They’ll be researching your own SEO strategy and will ALWAYS be nipping at your heels. It’s a long way to the top, but once you’re there…. It’s worth every penny!

Conclusion – A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

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