Web Design is REALLY Important – Here’s Why.
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Written by csmdempster

June 14, 2021

Why is a great web design so important? What’s wrong with a cheap, budget-looking site anyway, surely it won’t affect my sales, right?

Um… I’m going to have to say WRONG! Many small businesses start out with a cheap, fast knock-up site, either built by themselves or by a web designer offering an amazing site on a budget. While a good site can still be built on a budget, if the web design process has been hastily overlooked, you’re pretty much left with a white elephant….a lemon of a site. And no-one wants that. Afterall, an effective website will generally:

  • Be the friendly, welcoming face of your business
  • Instruct viewers on what to do next – this is known as a Call To Action
    • Call Now
    • Buy Now
    • Email Us
    • Find Out More
    • Subscribe
  • Provide viewers with relevant information matched to their search requirements
  • Drive sales (and profits)
  • Create expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness

Cairns Web Design – First Impressions Count

When people first click into your site, it’s all about that first impression. Did you know that 75% of website viewers make a judgement call about a business’s credibility based purely upon the visual aspects of that site? If your business website looks outdated, clunky and oh-so boring, it’s estimated that you’ll lose around 40% of prospective clients. Wow, that’s a big hit to your online credibility!

User Experience

The most common reasons someone visits your website is to:

  • Discover product or service information
  • Research your About Us page
  • Find contact information for your business

Your site needs to make this easy for your viewers. Remember, today’s viewers’ online patience is very low, if they can’t find something fast, they’ll quickly tire and go elsewhere.

As well as having the information easily accessible, it needs to aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If the layout is messy, if the images and font are an eye-sore, it will leave a negative impression and, again, drive people to your competitors’ websites.

Navigation and Conversion

When providing navigation options for your website, the easiest and shortest route between two points is best. Having said that, if you have loads of products, don’t overwhelm people with a massive drop-down menu, instead take them to a page and break it down from there.

If you have Call to Action (CTA) buttons throughout your site, make sure your viewer knows exactly what pressing that button will do. Don’t overcrowd your pages with too many options, try and have one clear objective on every page view.

Below is an example of website with a clear and concise CTA. The other example is, well, rather cluttered and confusing.

DMH Cairns Web Design snip
Cairns web design bad example

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Given that an increasing majority of searches and subsequent website views are conducted on mobile phones, it’s crucial that web designers create sites that have a strong appeal in mobile layout AS WELL AS desktop view. There’s no point in making one version look great, only to have the other looking awful.

Another critical factor is site loading speed. Desktop views generally load faster due to the type of connection. If a site isn’t tested and optimised for speed in mobile versions, it can have a negative impact on the viewer’s experience.


There’s more to a great web design than the visual elements of each page. While a flashy, blingy site can look amazing, the extra code required to carry out those functions can really slow a website down. Website content plays a huge role in a highly ranked page.

Google search algorithms are continually looking for ways to improve the user experience and looks at the overall flow and perceived intent of each page. As a result, a poorly implemented Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy on a web page may result in a lower ranking on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


Building a website is so much more than images and text. An effective web design will ensure a site ranks well on search engine results pages, provide relevant and engaging product or service information, and significantly improve small business sales.

So, if you’re running a small business and want to improve your sales through your website, then maybe it’s time to throw your old or poorly-performing clunker onto the junk pile and start anew.

Think fresh, think responsive, think fast, think Cairns web design at Digital Marketing Hub.

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