What’s a Customer Persona and how to create one.
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Written by Hilde

March 9, 2021

Are you wondering why you even need a Customer Persona and what even is a Customer Persona?

In this blog I’m going to go through:

What is a Customer Persona

Why you need a Customer Persona

How to create a Customer Persona.

First up, I just wanted to say there are a few different names for a customer persona. You might hear it called buyer persona or user persona.

Regardless of the name, they are all pretty much the same thing and their MAJOR function is to help us IDENTIFY who our IDEAL client/customer are and to USE THIS INFORMATION to DIRECTLY target our customers.

“A customer persona is a way of bringing your audience to life in order to understand their needs, wants and pain points”

Though the personal details of the persona may be fictional, the information used to create the personas is not. In fact, it should be derived from as much factual information as you are able to collect through research. 

Your customer persona describes who your ideal/target customers are, what they like, goals/motivations, pain points, challenges, needs, attitudes, behaviors, where they live, where they look for information and how they make decisions.

Personas help us identify the best and most effective ways we can meet our customers’ needs.They make our customers become ‘real’We can use a customer persona to identify and prioritise what we offer and understand how to effectively market this to our customers.

If we have a deep, clear understanding of who are customers are, what they want and where they are looking, we can start to market effectively.

If you don’t invest the time to know your customers, you are not using a targeted approach. Expect to WASTE LOTS OF MONEY on marketing that doesn’t resonate or reach your ideal customer.

Customer personas help ensure that all activities involved in acquiring and serving your customers are tailored to the targeted buyer’s needs.

Creating customer personas, and continually using them to guide your business can help keep you centered on the needs of your customers.
It’s common to have multiple buyer personas for a business.

So, let’s get stuck in to creating your Customer Persona.

Use the worksheet Getting to know your customers. Create a customer persona. This can be done by using some of the suggested tools below.

Tools for creating a Customer/Buyer Persona

HubSpot – https://www.hubspot.com/make-my-persona

Xtensio – https://xtensio.com/user-persona/

Canva – https://www.canva.com/

Examples of Customer Personas


Spend some time on this, the MORE you know and understand your customers, the more effective your marketing efforts will be.

If you need a hand, don’t hesitate to contact me for tips!

Let’s GROW your business.

❤ Hilds

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