What your Adelaide and Cairns web design specialist needs to know

Cairns web design requirements

How exciting! You’re about to have your brand spanker website built by your web design specialist… and it’s going to be great. It will be and do everything you imagined it would. But how do you communicate your vision to your designer? I mean, how on earth are they going to build you a beautiful, functional, converting website from those images in your mind?

Well, it all comes down to one word… information. And I mean a lot of information. Most of this is required in the early stages, often before the web site architecture can even begin. The faster your designer gets the information, the faster your site will be built.

When we commence work for a client, whether it be a Cairns web design or SEO Adelaide project, we generally collect the bulk of the information within the first few weeks.

Having the information early on ensures a timely delivery of your completed website and ensures that you are satisfied with the final product. Here’s some of our information requests for our Cairns and Adelaide web design clients:

Company Information

Official Business Name – This includes any Pty Ltd, TM etc that may be required.

ABN – We’ll not only need this if required on your website, but it is also required for invoicing purposes.

Website Domain – if you currently have a domain, we’ll need to know what it is, where your website domain is hosted and what the login details are.

Primary Phone Number – This will be the phone number for display on your site.

Business Email Address – This is your preferred email address. If you have more than one, let us know how you would like them used.

Hours of Operation – This is essential for bricks and mortar businesses. Hours of operation are generally inserted into the website’s contact page or footer. We also insert those hours into your Google My Business account if required.

List of Services Provided

This will help us in the development of our website architecture, particularly around page structure and menu items. Include a list of pages and sections within a page. Also include your desired features such as a blog, social media integration, contact form, gallery and newsletter opt in.

If you have an eCommerce store, include a list of categories, subcategories and additional shop features including payment gateways. We’ll also need any images. If images aren’t supplied, we can insert place holder images in the interim.

logo design for Cairns web design


If you have a logo, please provide this in the first instance as it helps provide a clearer understanding of the style guide. Ensure you provide high resolution images in multiple formats including SVG, PNG and JPG. Unless specifically designed into your logo, please ensure your files have transparent backgrounds. Additional work to edit logos may attract additional charges.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a logo, your Adelaide or Cairns web design team can produce one for you.

Site Design

Provide a description of the desired look, feel and intention of your website. Describe any important design elements. A great way to communicate your preferences is to provide your Cairns or Adelaide web design agency with links to some websites you would like to emulate to some extent.

Your style guide is part of your website design. Simply put, a website style guide is the standard for fonts, colours, page formatting and other design elements that will be used throughout the entire website. This helps create a brand and should flow over to other platforms such as social media, document headers and email formatting.

Adelaide web design blackboard

Website Content

In order to build a successful website, we need to know exactly what information you want to display on your site.

Provide a very brief summary of what your website is about. Let us know who you are, where you are, what you do and why you’re different. We’ll use that information to populate key positions on your website such as above the fold (the first part of your web page that is displayed on your screen) on your homepage.

We’ll also need your page content. Again, this is really important because the amount of text will play a key role in the overall design of each page. There’s no point in your Cairns or Adelaide web design team providing you with a template if they don’t know how much data is going to be on that page. Loads of text will require some separation by images, headings, dividers etc. On the other hand, too little text will most likely result in poor search engine optimisation results page (SERP) rankings. We work closely with our Cairns and Adelaide SEO clients to ensure there is adequate data on each page to improve SERP results.

We recommend that our Adelaide and Cairns web design clients include a blog for improved and ongoing SEO competitiveness. This assists in keeping your website fresh, relevant and authoritative. Posts need to be at least 250-500 words for a standard post, and about 1000-1300 words for a cornerstone post. Depending upon the layout of your blog section on your homepage, 2-3 blogs are recommended in the first instance.

Our final recommendation for website content is the provision of any images for use throughout the site. Again, please make them high resolution. When considering where you would like them placed, give some thought to how the images are displayed. For example, if you want to place a square image into a landscape container, it’s likely that you will lose some of the content within that image.

In Conclusion

Whilst the above information is a great starting point for your new Adelaide or Cairns web design, please be aware that another critical component of a good, converting web design is that of functionality. Your website design team’s goal is to combine your ideas into a functional, attractive and successful website.

Contact Digital Marketing Hub at any time for more information about our Cairns and Adelaide web design services.

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