The Evolution of Digital Marketing

evolution of digital marketing

Wow, has marketing changed dramatically over the past few years!  Marketing methodology has changed so recently that you often won’t even see it in action right in front of your face.

Savvy Technology

Technology has enabled the savvy digital marketer to promote their clients’ products and services to you across a number of platforms.
Ever wondered how the hell ads keep appearing on your web pages that are specific to ‘stuff’ you’ve recently researched? How did that get there?  And emails that arrive at just the right time with really, really valid information and deals.

Companies are constantly evolving in how they present their products and services to you.  What used to be a pretty display in a shop
window or magazine has now become an ever-changing science in how to make the consumer not just ‘want’ the product, but to make them really ‘need’ it.

Relationship Building

You see, it’s now all about trust and relationships.  I’m not just going to talk ‘at’ you, show you some product, tell you how awesome it is and try and squeeze a sale out of you.  I’m going to talk ‘to’ you, I’m going to know you and build a relationship with you which will, hopefully, develop into a trust that will make you ‘want’ to buy from me instead of my competitors.

It won’t end there, either.  Once the sale is complete, I’m going to keep in touch with you from time to time to let you know about other ‘stuff’ that I already know you’re interested in.  I’m going to nurture that relationship and ask for great reviews, likes and referrals.

building maketing relationships

The best part is, much of it will be automated. How awesome is that!

Digital Marketing – Not So Easy

Sounds pretty simple, right?  Well, that’s so far from the truth.  The effort that goes into setting up a truly successful digital marketing campaign is quite impressive.  It’s not just a ‘Baddaboom Baddabang, she’ll be apples’ approach, there’s some wicked technical crap going
on behind the scenes.  Look up the skill rating under joboutlook.gov.au for marketing professionals (Digital Marketing is not listed yet because the government is kinda slow to pick this up) you’ll find that it’s rated as very high.  In other words, it’s pretty damn hard to do without training and experience.

Jump onto our home page at digitalmarketinghub.com.au for some great information about some types of digital marketing that may work really well for your business.

The Future of Digital Marketing

So, what is the future of digital marketing? Who knows, it’s constantly evolving and adapting to audience responses, what an exciting time to be involved in such a cutting-edge profession!  My pick is that it will absolutely explode into the VR scene, what a crazy platform for incredible customer experiences!

Until next time, enjoy the digital journey.


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