The biggest SEO mistake businesses make!

the biggest seo mistake small businesses make

Have you thought about trying SEO for your business but not sure if it will work or what it is all about?

If you’re in business, it’s highly likely you’ve heard of SEO.

As a Digital marketing Agency who specialises in SEO, we quite often get businesses come to us wanting SEO although not really sure what it means or what it involves.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is the process of improving your website to increase your site visibility on search engines (Google).

The reality is you can have the best-looking website but if Google can’t read it and you’re not telling google what your site is about, no one will find it.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about telling Google what your site is about. Where many businesses start is they might put a couple of search terms on a page and think that’s enough to have their website rank. 


How Google Search Works

When you type a search query into Google, this is when Google algorithm kicks in and does the hard work. The goal of SEO is to ensure the Google algorithm can read and find your site.

Google algorithm is looking for the best website to showcase the highest on the search engine results page (SERP) and several factors come into play.

Google sends out automated programs called spiders or crawlers to search the web, moving through the links and indexed pages to find the best quality page to showcase.

Google will index each website and assign a page rank to each result. The webpage with the highest score will be shown the highest on the search engine ranking page.

The spiders and crawlers are looking for websites that contain the same keyword as the search term typed into Google along with other relevant or similar terms. The spiders are looking at your page structure. Have you got keywords in relevant headings? Have you got just one H1 on each page making it clear what that page is about? Have you included relevant sub headings? Has your content got depth and shows relevance and authority in your field?

Google is also checking your website’s authority. If you have other sites linking or referencing your site, you will have more authority.

If you have images on your website, have you included alt text as Google can’t read images unless you tell Google what they are about?

Google also wants to show websites that offer an excellent user experience.

  • Fast loading websites on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc.)
  • Responsive, compatible on mobile, tables, laptops.
  • A website’s age might also help the page strength and the strength of the domain name.

Many businesses might start with SEO and get their website optimised for the basics above. This is a great start although the reality is, it’s usually not enough to get to page 1!

The BIGGEST mistake businesses make is they think SEO is a one off

They’ve paid the money. They’ve had their site optimised and they sit back and expect to jump to page 1.

Sorry, not going to happen!

Have a think about how many other websites are competing for the top spots on Google. If you want to be competitive you need to be producing fresh content, adding depth to your website and telling Google that you are the authority in this field.

Did you know that the Top 3 spots on Google are the ones who get the bulk of the traffic?

That means if you really want to benefit from SEO and get free traffic you need to work hard to get into the top 3 spots.

This means;

Having the basics in place and THEN producing regular content, ensuring your website has fresh relevant content and gaining new backlinks. You can add a blog and produce regular content like this one 😉. You might add some FAQ’s to your website to increase depth.


Don’t expect to get to page 1 if you don’t put in the effort.  The level of effort you need to put in will also be determined by how competitive your search terms are and competition.

Biggest Takeaway – If you are going to invest in SEO, which you should because EVERYONE searches on Google, then you need to do more than a one off! It’s a bit like sticking to a diet for a week and expecting big results 😂.

Need more information on how SEO can help your business? Check out our SEO page or simply pick up the phone or send us a message.

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