SEO Essentials

Module 4: Keeping your business on page 1! 

Now, you’ve made it to page 1 of Google. How to stay there…. 

So, you’ve made it to Page 1 of Google. WELL DONE, but DON’T STOP.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to SEO is thinking that it’s a ONE OFF thing. To stay at the top of Google, you need to make sure Google sees your site as relevant and fresh.

Tips to stay on page 1

  • Create regular content. Adding a blog to your website can be a great way to add consistent content. You can also update old blogs that might have been sitting dormant for years.
  • Focus on obtaining some fresh backlinks every month. Create amazing content people will want to share.
  • List your business on local business listings.
  • Keep your Google My Business listing updated. Share new images, specials, blogs.
  • Get REVIEWS, encourage reviews on Google My Business and embed these on your website.
  • The key is to CONSISTENTLY take action. Every month, have a plan for new content and ways to ensure all the effort you put into getting your site on Google stays there.

Remember, there are plenty of businesess fighting for that top spot, so you do need to be competetivie and give Google reasons to keep you there!


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