How To Compete Using Digital Marketing

Why is Digital Marketing so Important to Small Businesses?

Why is digital marketing so important?  What happened to the good old days of placing a few ads in the paper, magazine or radio and dropping a few flyers around the neighbourhood?

Traditional Marketing for Small Businesses?

Well, you can still do that, it’s called traditional marketing, but you need to ask yourself a very important question when it comes to your marketing dollars…. Am I getting the most bang for my buck?  In most cases, as a small business owner, the answer would be an emphatic ‘no’ when traditional marketing is used on its own.  It’s not really a targeted approach is it, given that today’s shoppers are all looking online for their next purchase?  Sure, you’ll reach a wide audience but is that audience even interested in what you have to offer?

Having said all of the above, I firmly believe that traditional marketing definitely has its place when considering branding (TV, radio) and localised marketing (shotgun approach such as flyers). Remember, consider your current small business position and marketing budget.

Digital Marketing

Enter the digital marketing age (dramatic music cue), I must say that I am amazed at how specific the targeting can be….. if you know what you’re doing.  Every day here at digitalmarketinghub.com.au is a new challenge to stay on top of the dynamic changes within this industry.  Here’s a few killer benefits of an effective digital marketing strategy:

  1. The vast majority of shoppers are either looking to buy online or looking to research online.
  2. Digital marketing campaigns are relatively inexpensive to set up compared to traditional marketing channels.
  3. Digital marketing campaigns are super easy to monitor and can be very specific in nature.
  4. You can literally monitor your progress from your Google Analytics app on your phone.
  5. You can apply a laser focussed approach to your target market through social media analytics and retargeting strategies.
  6. You can lead them through a well structured sales funnel to peak their interest when they are ready.
  7. Once the initial set up is done and dusted, it’s a relatively simple process to have another round of advertising almost fully automated.  That means that your dollars are working for you while your hands are off the wheel.  Nifty!

Sounds awesome, right? Well, it is, it’s freaking awesome…. IF you know what you’re doing! If you don’t have experience in marketing your business on digital platforms, and I don’t mean the run-of-the-mill Facebook Boost, it can be a strain on the learning curve and the back pocket. We have some great tips including our Free 21 Day Digital Marketing mini course.

Digital marketing is on a huge growth curve and it’s quite obvious to conclude that if you’re not digital, you’re simply not competitive.

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