Get more leads NOW with Google Ads

Increase Leads with Google Ads

Do you need a way of generating more website traffic now?

We all know that organic SEO is fantastic, but it can take time and we all want more business NOW.

This is where Google AdWords can be beneficial, as in just a few hours you can start to get more website traffic.

Today I want to share with you how to choose your keywords, types of Google ads, Google Ads Costs, Tips and let you know whether you should be focussing on Google Ads or organic SEO first.

First up let’s get started with;

What are Google Ads?  

Google Ads are a range of advertising options on Google and Google partner sites and apps. Google Ads are designed to help businesses connect with potential customers. They help your business be found in Google Search, be seen when watching YouTube videos, or discovered when searching apps on Google Play and much more.

Most small businesses we work with tend to use Google Ads to be seen for specific searches on Google. Bigger companies will tend to go broader and invest more in branding with the goal of appearing everywhere.

Where small businesses can really benefit is that they can choose to only show their ads for specific search terms that are more likely to result in a customer purchasing or enquiring about their product.

Can you afford your keywords?

The first step before embarking on a Google Ads campaign is determining whether the search terms you want to advertise for fit into your budget.

For example, some keywords can cost up to $50 per click 😯

In saying that, if you are selling a product that results in a high ROI then you may be happy to pay $50 for a new lead.

Here is an example of the search term ‘Home Loans’. A click is going to cost between $11-$39.

google ads keyword costs

If you’re wondering how to find out if you can afford to pay for your search terms, you need to check out Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Google Ads keyword planner helps you discover new keywords, get search volume and trends, cost per click and create campaign keyword lists.

You’ll find Google Ads Keyword Planner in your Google Ads account under Tools & Settings.

When choosing keywords, you’ll want to make sure they have search intent. You can see this by average monthly searches in the Keyword Planner. Uber Suggest can also be used and will give you a more accurate idea of keyword volume, you can check it out here. https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

You’ll also want to make sure that the average cost per click can fit into your budget.

For example, if you have allocated $10 per day and your keyword is worth between $9-$12 per click, your $10 budget won’t cut it as your ad will rarely show and if it does, it will be spent after just one click.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of keywords that cost $1-$2, it’s just important that you are aware of the cost of your keywords before committing to a campaign as you need to make sure your daily budget will be enough to show your ads.

Here are some average costs per clicks thanks to wordstream.

Google Ads average cost per click


Types of Google Ads

Search – Great for creating sales and leads

Display – Brand awareness, broad reach, sales and leads

Video – Creates awareness and consideration, expand reach, drive conversions

Shopping – Visually engaging product listing, sales and leads, sell your local shop inventory to nearby people

App – Increased awareness and exposure of your app


Google Ads Cost

The great thing about Google Ads is that you have complete control over the cost. You set a daily advertising budget and Google will average this out over the month. Plus, you only pay when someone clicks. No clicks = no cost.

Google Ads Tips

  • Ensure you know your customer and what they search for
  • Use keywords with ‘buying intent’
  • Don’t use a Smart Campaign, use Expert Mode
  • Monitor daily
  • Don’t use Broad match unless you are wanting brand awareness

When not to use Google Ads

  1. When you can’t afford the cost per click
  2. When you are already in the top 3 positions organically
  3. When you have a product/service that your customers wouldn’t search for

Does Google Ads replace SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential if you want to appear in Google Searches organically (not paid) and this should be your long term goal. Businesses appearing organically will always have more credibility than an ad, plus IT’S FREE!

We recommend getting started with your SEO and having your site fully optimised. Then each month you’ll need to build on your SEO with more blogs, content and backlinks. While you are creeping up the ranks is a fantastic time to get started with your Google Ads so you always have exposure.

For anoyone keen on both, we do offer some great discounts in bundling SEO and Google Ads together, just pick up the phone and ask us.

If you need more exposure and are not getting enough website traffic, invest in a Google Ads campaign and start seeing traffic now.

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