3 Tips to Become More Effective and GROW Your Business
Tips to Become More Effective

Written by Hilde

March 22, 2021

As a Small Business owner, the never-ending tasks can be overwhelming.

Do you feel like you’re always busy but getting nowhere?

Today I wanted to share with you a few tips to help you out.

First up, I like to write down my TOP 3 ACTIONS/PRIORITIES for the day.

As you know, the To Do list is never-ending and can be overwhelming. Therefore, focussing on just 3 priorities for the day is much more productive.

So many people jump from one task to the next and at the end of the day, feel like they haven’t achieved anything. It’s because it’s really common to focus on all the small tasks rather than tackle some of the big ones head on.

Tip – Write all your tasks down. I like to use Asana for this https://app.asana.com/ or a good old-fashioned notebook.

Each day, work out your TOP 3 priorities and focus on those. If you get them done, then move on to some of the smaller tasks. I promise you will feel much better getting the BIG jobs done first rather than avoiding them and feeling like you’ve achieved not much at all.

Next, turn off your email for a period, close Facebook and allocate time to your tasks.

We all know how easy it is to get distracted. You start checking emails and go off on a tangent, a beep goes off on your phone and you’re messaging someone or worse yet, you start scrolling Facebook!

If you want to make serious progress and reclaim your time, then it’s time to work SMART. This means when you are working on important tasks, make that your NUMBER 1 FOCUS. Emails are turned off, your phone is on silent and you FOCUS.

If you want some good tips, check out the 4-hour work week. While it may not be possible to cram your work into 4 hours a week, learning to work smarter really does give you more time.

Here’s a couple of quick tips:

Allocate set times to check emails. If you need to, put an out of office on your emails that notifies people when you will be replying.

Have some quick reply messages on your phone so you can reply to calls with a text if you are unavailable to speak at that time.

Tell your staff/team that you will be blocking out time and not to disturb you unless it’s an emergency!

Lastly but by no means the least important, MAKE YOUR MARKETING A PRIORITY.

We can wonder why our businesses are not growing, but are you HONESTLY making your MARKETING A PRIORITY?

Marketing your business is one of the MOST important aspects to ensure you grow.

I don’t know how often I speak to Small Business owners who get so caught up in the processes and ensuring their product is amazing, but they are not letting anyone know they exist. If you are serious about growing your business, then allocating set times EVERY single week to your marketing is a must.

I like to block out time in my calendar when I know I’m at my best so I can really get stuck into things and get it done. The good news is, so much can be pre-done and scheduled. It’s all about getting into the habit of getting it done and having some systems in place to make it easy.

So that’s it, 3 Simple Tips to be more effective and GROW your business.

  1. Top 3 Priorities for the day
  2. Turn off email, phone and block out time
  3. Allocate time to marketing and make it a priority

If you need a hand working out your marketing priorities, give us a call (free tips to grow your business) on 07 4038 2653.

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